China Сredit Behaving Well!

china credit

Our Tools keep a holistic look at China – we track all Stocks, and Bonds there. Even though we were negative on Chinese equities, TenViz tools are cautiously optimistic on Chinese Corporate Credit. 

At the Chart below corporate spreads for 5 Year tenors were contracting for most of 2018 (inverse scale). See the purple arrow carving out a “saucer bottom”.

Chinese corp credit

You might be skeptical –”yeah, they are stimulating, boosting”. Of course, they do and they always did that.

And so does every other government in the world. But if Chinese are successful in controlling their Credit markets, I am all up for that!

Cause it is a major worry checked off the list. Wouldn’t you be excited too?

China Сredit Behaving Well!

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