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Our Tools help Fundamental investors systematizing Cross-Asset flows, Sector Rotation, Credits, Single Name Stocks etc. We work with institutional clients and HFs, generating signals with good accuracy and beating a human eye.

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Amplifying global oil and natural gas supply shortages, Norwegian oil workers went on strike this week.

Judgement aside (they make matters worse for global consumers by tightening output by almost 90K barrels per day), the timing is not a coincidence:workers always strike when their bargaining power is high!No oil workers went on strike when oil prices went briefly negative back in the May of 2020. But now, they have the time on their ...

In this investment world, being over-obsessed with the Fed, it is FAR, FAR more important to understand the timing and the magnitude of a turn-UP in China’s economy.

Why? Many related reasons to sharpen your edge: 1. Who would dispute that the Fed is a perfect lagging indicator, especially now?! 2. China’s economy cycle is completely different from the rest of the Developed world3. China is still largely ignored and underinvested in the West4. China’s economy is comparable to the US, it grows faster.5. ...