TenViz provides a range of data-driven solutions using both traditional statistical and most recent Machine Learning tools to solve complex problems for investors.

Our Tools help Fundamental investors systematizing Cross-Asset flows, Sector Rotation, Credits, Single Name Stocks etc. We work with institutional clients and HFs, generating signals with good accuracy and beating a human eye.

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Upcoming reversal

Yesterday, there were a few things pointing to the upcoming reversal:1) Bitcoin was up by 1 pm;2) 30YUS yields widened by 3 pm;3) Sectors reversed.4) S&P500 had this gap down that statistically needed to be closedDoes this beg the question do gaps always close in stocks?When a stock price gap is observed, by a chance of 91.4% ...

Energy stocks

Many fundamental investors frustrated with the Energy stocks running are finally giving up and start pondering:What is the best Energy company to buy?No, no, no! You don’t buy the best company going into the massive earnings revision driven from oil going from the negative -$20 in May of 2020 to almost $90.You buy a handful ...