TenViz provides a range of data-driven solutions using both traditional statistical and most recent Machine Learning tools to solve complex problems for investors.

Our Tools help Fundamental investors systematizing Cross-Asset flows, Sector Rotation, Credits, Single Name Stocks etc. We work with institutional clients and HFs, generating signals with good accuracy and beating a human eye.

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Many investors are livid about Facebook (Meta):

– yes, the stock is down 50+% YTD way worse than the rest of the market – yes, Facebook’s lunch is being eaten away by Tik-Tok – yes, the stock is down to the 12x P/E multiple (but if earnings keep eroding fast, we most certainly are facing a 100x P/E!)  However, should we really blame Mark ...

The Energy Sector is closing up on being by far THE BEST sector of the year.

Any surprises there? Its earnings went up from being negative in 2021 to nicely recovering through 2022.Interestingly, the Energy sector still trades at 9x P/E of still not fully recovered earnings. As US Oil companies spend most of their Free Cash flow paying dividends, buying back shares and paying down debt, you are getting paid ...