TenViz provides a range of data-driven solutions using both traditional statistical and most recent Machine Learning tools to solve complex problems for investors.

Our Tools help Fundamental investors systematizing Cross-Asset flows, Sector Rotation, Credits, Single Name Stocks etc. We work with institutional clients and HFs, generating signals with good accuracy and beating a human eye.

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Investing in 2022

Many investors claim that in 2022, stock picking would be key.We strongly disagree for two reasons!First, it is a feel-good excuse to give false hope that you can through a minefield unhurt.Second, this year of 2022 is already shaping as a year of profound turns in Macro flows: inflation, rates, commodities, and global cross-border flows would ...


The Fed needs a 75bps rate hike, followed by a 50 bps hike to have any fighting chance of arresting the inflation. With the currently planned sheepish 25 bps hikes it would take years to restore the normalcy.  ...