Many investors are livid about Facebook (Meta):

– yes, the stock is down 50+% YTD way worse than the rest of the market
 – yes, Facebook’s lunch is being eaten away by Tik-Tok
 – yes, the stock is down to the 12x P/E multiple (but if earnings keep eroding fast, we most certainly are facing a 100x P/E!) 

However, should we really blame Mark Zuckerberg and his executive team for all these issues?
Facebook became a huge, enormously profitable company mostly because Zuckerberg (no matter how intelligent he is) was JUST EXTRAORDINARY lucky with the timing of his idea.
Zuckerberg was neither the first, nor the best – he was simply extraordinarily fortunate with his timing to have this idea at the Harvard dorm.
When other endless, hungrier imitators finally found a way to outcompete him – he had nothing ready to replace.
He achieved his enormous success with, frankly, little personal sacrifice or struggles – the market was SO ready for that social platform.
Compare this to Bezos or Musk or the late Steve Jobs who spent decades building their companies (usually 2-4 in parallel!),often waiting for 15 years to turn them profitable!
These esteemed serial entrepreneurs faced tremendous business challenges and endured immeasurable personal sacrifices along the way.

Blood, sweat and tears!
And, don’t forget that Technology companies are supposed to have a short life cycle – 
What is easy to build is easy to disrupt!

Many investors are livid about Facebook (Meta):

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