Brexit…when a Widely Anticipated Event ever Surprised Markets?


Brexit… when a widely anticipated event ever surprised markets?

Remind me the last time when a widely expected event ever took Financial markets by surprise? Ever?
Then, who benefits from over-discussing Brexit?
We will forgive politicians and financial journalists for doing that – that is their lame role…

  • Is Brexit the last uncertainty in our economic history? No.
  • Is Brexit the last major event in Europe? No. Not even for 2016.
  • Would Brexit’s consequences be final and never reversed back? No. If ti happens, they could be reversed
  • Has the world lived through similar events before? Oh, yes! Thousands of times, conservatively counting 🙂
  • Would you keep talking about Brexit a year after the vote? Very unlikely

We can continue…
I am not discussing pros/cons of Brexit – those are obvious to any free-market thinker.   Any fence-building hurts free trade and growth.

I am just befuddled by the amount of time that talking heads on Financial news networks dedicated to that subject.
IMHO, fires in Alberta are far more important…


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