Can You Time the Market?


The conventional wisdom states you can’t.

That is probably true for most of the investors, who are not properly equipped.

Yet, the empirical evidence says that there are plenty of cross-asset indicators that are signaling market turns in advance.

And, don’t forget that all the talk on key financial sites and media channels is one way or another related to the market timing.

If financial channels talk 24×7: What the Fed or ECB gonna do next?

Isn’t this the clearest indication of the market timing effort?

Yes, it is a market timing effort in disguise…

So let’s admit it and make it more systematic!

We developed a set of complex tools that allow investors to time their market entries better.

In my humble opinion, in the world of low returns timing the market entries are essential to eking out small advantage

Essentially, a set of well-calibrated Risk ON vs. Risk Off market indicators.

Sign up for a trial at if interested to learn more.

Can You Time the Market?

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